Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Reduces Heart disease:

Laughter minimizes the chance of heart attack and stroke. It helps to reduce the lowering blood pressure also.


Natural Pain Killer:

It can be your natural pain killer. Laughing and smiling is a very effective and natural way to reduce pain.


Improves breathing

By laughing a lot of oxygen inhale by a man. This helps the breathing process. Sometimes doctor suggest laughing treatment for better breathing.


Helps to lose weight

Laughing is an exercise. It makes the movement of all the mussels in a human body. It works very well to lose the weight. But it is a little bit lengthy than physical exercise.

Gives good sleep:

A person who laughs much he/she can sleep well. As it works like an exercise, it helps you to gives good sleep.

Decrease stress:

Laugh decrease mental and physical stress.

Make you look young:

In a study it came out that, Smile makes you to look younger.


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