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Some people who are gaining weight, you have to clean your house very well. It is proved by a new research result.

US published a study research result and they said in it that house dust can carry hormone altering chemicals. This chemical can prompt cells to accumulate fat in the body.

A little amount of dust can also harmful. Not only it may be inhaled, but also there is a possibility to absorb through skin. So you need to more careful to clean the house.

Most of the time carpets and sofas contain dust more than others.

Researchers collected sample of dust from 11 different houses and tested for the reaction.

From these 11 samples, 9 dusts are prompted cells to divide and create a larger pool of precursor fat cells. From these, seven samples are also accumulating more fat and mouse cells to mature. Only one dust was inactive.

Some manufactures reduces EDC use in the products which we generally using. But many EDC are also using in goods for the demand of consumer.

It can found in CD and DVD, plastic bottles. It can twist the hormone and may cause for cancer.

Sakib Jubab

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