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Social movement against terrorism and fundamentalism/ Social movement is a good deterrant to fundamentalism and terrorism



Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed

The words fundamen-talism, terrorism and extremism continue to be subjects of intense public discourse. They are the henious acts which interrupt the normal life style of human being. These are used as a strategy by groups out of power to attain their goals. Those have a long history. In the past, there was also terrorism. The current wave of their from of violance have been given impectus by a series of new development in the second world war period. Through terrorism one group makes an attempt to dominate another group and finally by ousting a group another particular section of people or race would involve in terrorism and piracy. As there is no civility in the above mentioned acts, so the particular actors indulge in every sorts of nuisance. They do not follow the general norms of society. They create anarchy, make the blue prints of horror in an organized way and ultimately go for violence. Even they make artificial crisis in some important power sectors in the country and instigate people against civil sociey. Which ultimately lead a nation to clash, conflict, confrontatiion and violence.
Fundamentalism and terrorism conglomerated together have become a menace. The world has witnessed the destruction of the Twin Towers; India has experienced the destruction of the 450-year-old Babri Mosque and many terrorist act-induced deaths; Pakistan has witnessed the assassination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and many killings; In 1975 Bangabandhu Shiek Mujibur Rahman Father of Nations was brutally killed by group of miscreants. After his killing terrorist activities have becom a subject of bad dimension aganist our nationalism. Bangladesh has faced bomb attack on a pro-left cultural rally on March 6, 1999, bomb explosion on Bengali New Year Day in 2001,grenade attack on Sheikh Hasina on August 21, 2004, countrywide explosions in 63 out of 64 districts in August 2005, suicide-bombing in courtrooms and court premises in 2005. These are a few of the numerous incidents in these countries. Indonesia, Malaysia are no strangers to acts of terrorism by the fundamentalists.
Islam is a religion of peace. Unfortunately, the word Islam has become synonymous with terrorism. A deeper analysis and examination is required to understand why this has happened. Global politics have led to the birth of certain issues which have always been witnessing the volcanic eruption of terrorism, which was described as Islamist terrorism.
It has been observed that young children are recruited from poor families. They are motivated against exploitation and evils of society to have a happy life in the next world. Along with exposing the children to science, literature and culture, meeting the need for socio-economic development to ensure the basic needs like food and shelter, water and sanitation, education and health-care is crucially important for combating conditions for recruitment of potential extremists and terrorists. People and leaders of all faiths need to be assured of freedom of their religion and religious practices. This should be protected at all times by the state.
Let us not forget that fundamentalism – be it Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Judaic or of any other nature- is retrogressive and counter-development, and a threat to peace and security. Governments, political parties and social groups should refrain from using fundamentalist and communalist ideologies as well as these forces in furthering their ends. The racial conflicts and orthodox attitudes of religious people will lead our national to terrorism. As a result, conscience is uprooted and nation’s dignity is gradually lowered down and degraded. Due to terrorism and extrimism all institutions are in a downward trend.
In Bangladesh this terrorism has polluted and corrupted our educational institutions also. Today it has become a very sensitive issue for the safeguard of our nation. It has become very tatal to our nation’s integrity. It is undoubtedly spoiling and as well a great threat to our education. We are going downwards. It is damaging our brilliane, devastating our economy and civilization.
Finally, presence of strong progressive intelligentsia and conscious media in all countries is a guarantee for carrying forward the struggle for peace and security, solidarity and progress against fundamentalism and terrorism. There lies the opportunity.
Besides social movement is the best deterrant to terrorism. Anti-terrorist awarrness should start from family as well as society. All sorts of people like teachers, parents, elders, local government representatives, students, government and private officials and profeessionals should work together to raise public awareness to stop terrorism. People irrespective of cast, colour and religion should take part in anti-terrorist movement. Terrorism should be uprooted from its root. It is such a bloody poison which can destroy a whole nation. So it is high time, we should be alert to stop terrorist attack like ‘Holy-Artisan’ and ‘Solakia Eid-Ground’ attack. Police as well as other law-enforcing agencies should take proper steps to eradicate this problem. If we work together, we can free our motherland from the grip of bad elements like terrorists, fundamentalists and extremists.
Today the whole nation is in the dead line of terrorism. Terrorism is affecting the present generation and it will bring great disaster and ruin to our future generation also. It may affect our national integrity and sovereignty. So, to ensure better future and to build up a prosperous nation all should come forward with a positive sprit and as well with the idea for fraternity the tolerance. Let us make our Bangladesh a terrorism free happy and flourishing country. If we maintain honesty sincerity it is possible. It is not a far off thing to day and it will never be dream at all.

Deputy Director General & Commandant (PRL), Ansar-VDP Academy, Safipur, Gazipur

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