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Sectarian Political Parties are Funding Terrorists

Written by: Eshan Maitra

Though Police General Inspector is not confirming any leads of terrorist organizations’ funding. Security experts claiming that, it must be religion centered sectarian political parties, who are funding the terrorist in Bangladesh. Such as, huge economic empire of Jamaat-e-Islami. These terrorists are also receiving funding from similar foreign sectarian groups.

Law & Enforcement believe terrorists are passed their 2 layers of Islamic Terrorism, ‘Daoa’ and ‘Idad’. It started with the officially beginning of Hujibi in 1992. Currently they are in the state between their 3rd and 4th steps, ‘Birat’ & ‘Kilal’. New JMB and Ansarullahj Bangla team are creating a common platform to unite all the terrorists within the country. Police General Inspector AKM Shahidul Haque said, the captured terrorists hardly knew the source. They explained it as if some miracles and every time finances were received from some stranger.

Security Researcher Maj. Gen. Ret. AK Md. Ali Shikdar claims, they have solid evidences there are over 500 centers ranging from hospitals to coaching centers. Their partial revenues goes to the terrorists. Also, Pakistani terrorists are the biggest source. He is specially claims that, the religious centered sectarian political parties are playing a major role in funding these terrorists. Government is still failing to estimate or control the economic influence of such parties.

But both of these experts agree that, in current situation social awareness and response against radicalism from every level of the society, is more important than law-enforcement.

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