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‘Quality of Education System’- A Key Challenge for the Coming Decades

Dr. Forqan Uddin Ahmed
Education is fundamental driver of personal, national & global development. Recognition of this has driven many countries to pursue the Millennium Development Goal of achieving universal primary education and eradicating gender disparities at all levels of education by 2015. This has been attained considerably but much more to be done.
Efforts to promote more inclusive economic growth and improve education system can raise enrollment among young people in developing countries & reduce disparities between genders and among social groups, but simply narrowing the gaping school enrollment rates and total years of schooling is not enough. Countries must also ensure the quality of their education system, a key challenge for the coming decades.
In the future, new information and communication, technologies are expected to stimulate the expansion of educational opportunities and to improve educational quality at the national and global level by offering a variety of innovative learning channels. For example, the ability to use new technologies to build borderless networks among Schools can offer opportunities for students in low-income countries to learn from teachers in advanced countries and vice-versa.
The imperative is clear. Global leaders must commit to enhancing the quality of education and reduce the education gap by increasing school resources, improving the efficiency of educational institutions and seizing the opportunities afforded by technological innovation. All of this will serve to enrich human capital, which is essential to boostering productivity and incomes. Indeed if such effects are designed specifically to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender or wealth, they will be a boon to the global economy, while promoting social cohesion at the national level. When it comes to improving education, there really is no downside.
Today private varsities are running with a number of bad images and disqualifications. To improve the situation it is essential to establish the quality cell for self assessment. Again this self assessment may be judged by outside reputed quality assessing agency. There are other irregularities in admission, examination system and above all they lack proper administration. All these need to be properly addressed by special monitoring and inspection team. Every verity must be visionary & dynamic with the height nature of zeal and extra ordinary co-curricular activities.
There must have a sound academic system which should by no means by over-ruled by the so-called political associates of local Parliament Members. Project education policy requires to be reformed which may promote quality education for all irrespective of rich & poor. The following points to be pondered for better educational policy.
⦁ Scholarships exams to be launched in every classes and number of stipend needs to be increased.
⦁ Job oriented education is necessary. Instead of general education, a good number of students need to have the education in vocational line.
⦁ English Version education must be discouraged. In this regard, an English version qualified students may not get the priority to be employed in the prestigeous job like BCS.
⦁ In the mainstream of education, Bengali Media needs to be emphasized.
⦁ To generate skilled work force, mostly technical and practical type education must be introduced in every institution.
⦁ Teaching must be professionally developed. It should not be made handicap or misused by selfish interested group.
⦁ Finally the mindset or attitude must be changed by the spirit of high modernism.
⦁ Arrangement for separate pay scale for teachers.
⦁ Education must be ensured for a better life and livelihood.
⦁ Efficient teaching must be recruited and their position & status needs to be enhanced.
⦁ Accreditation council needs to be setup.
⦁ Permanent, separate campus establishment is the prime need of all private varsities.
⦁ Rules to be introduced for setting up Kinter Garden. Here random established must be forbidden.

Deputy Director General & Commandant (PRL)
Bangladesh Ansar VDP Academy, Shafipur, Gazipur

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