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Illegal Hawkers & Vans Blocking Shadarghat Terminals: Hassled Travelers

Written by: Eshan Maitra

Bangladesh’s biggest Shadarghat Launch Terminal is a mess. From the top it might even look like complex webs of markets and bazars. Illegal pickup vans and hawkers are ruling the roads by the terminal. As a result, it becomes a stressful task just to get on the launches or to get out of there. Over, half-lac travelers are being hassled there every day.

Countless open-fruit shops. Pickup vans always traveling by and loading-unloading right by the terminal. The roads are always blocked by heavy traffic jam. Passengers Welfare Association is accusing that, Water-way Police and few corrupted officials are letting this to happen. Hawkers and pickup are getting away with whatever they want, by bribing specific syndicates in that area.

Though, terminal authorities and BIWTA Chairman had always been denying such facts. They even said, there is no rule for hawkers or pickup vans to enter the terminal area. But again, the terminal official said, these pickup vans are permitted to enter till 4pm.

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