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Trees make the Summer comfortable

While summer is the time when we spend most of our time outdoors, we stay inside our house to keep away from the smoldering sun. While we usually turn to our fans and air conditioning units, electric bills eventually increase, making them an unwise option for those on a budget. Thankfully there are monkey-saving alternatives that can help keep your home cool (plants).

Areca Palm Tree:

This plant can help remove toxins and carbon dioxide in the air. It is even qualified as a humidifier according to experts. When choosing this tree, go for one that has a thicker trunk at its foundation, so that it will not be difficult for you to maintain this plant.






Aloe Vera:

This plant is known for its medicinal benefits, but this can also help keep cool temperatures, so you stay comfortable even during the hot days and nights.

Aside from hit protection, this plant can also remove formaldehyde in the air.











Ficus Tree:

Also known as the weeping fig, the ficus can remove toxins in the air and even increase levels of oxygen around the house. Plant in an area with bright light and make sure this receives plenty of sun, so you can use this to keep your home cool.













Snake Plant:

You probably know this as mother in law’s tongue. This plant is ideally placed at bedrooms because you can rest on the fact that this will not take oxygen away, particularly at night unlike most plants.











Boston Fern:

This plant is not only decorative, but also acts like natural humidifier and purifier for your home.








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