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Microsoft is launching a new surface laptop. This is the first Microsoft laptop, containing windows 10s and this is Microsoft’s new operating system. This is a brand new variant of windows 10. It’s going to take on chromebooks. It’s suppose to be lighter, more secure, faster, kind of easier to manage, all the reasons that chromebooks are popular in school now. They kind of like how Chromebooks now, Chrome OS is a lot lighter and easier to manage. So this is Microsoft trying to get a piece of that. The catch is you can only run apps from the windows app store. So if you try and download an app from the web, Google Chrome just now. It’s gonna send you a pop-up and say “Hey, download Microsoft Edge.” And the other thing about windows 10 s is if you don’t like it, if you’re in an education market, if you’re in a school, you can upgrade to full windows 10, windows 10 Pro as it is for totally free. It’s very thin and light. It’s got this really kind of funky Alcantara fabric. And it’s not exactly fuzzy, but it’s definitely softer. It doesn’t really change how you use the laptop on a kind of regular basis necessarily. But it certainly looks cool and it’s different. Keyboard felt good in our time with it. Trackpad felt good. It has a 13.5 inch display. So the other thing about the Surface laptop what Microsoft is really pushing the batter life on this. It can perform 14.5 hours about how it lasts longer than any MacBook. It’s gonna start at $999 for the core i5 version. It will be available on 15th June and you can pre-order right now.

Source: Tech Insider (Jeff Dunn)

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