Wednesday , 20 June 2018

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Welcome verdict: 7 murders


Mohammad Ali Sattar

At last the long wait has come to end for now. The court gave death sentence to 26 of the culprits who were involved in the sensational murders in Narayanganj in 2014. The gruesome killing by the Rab members and their cohorts send the country into utter shock. Much so because the members of the security forces were directly involved in the action. This was proven beyond doubts who were the planners and the executioners.

Not only did this involvement of the Rab members put us in great degree of fear, more dangerous was the fact that the leader of the gang is a senior army officer and son-in-law of a powerful ruling party member and a minister.

People were also in anxiety when they came to learn that a powerful local AL MP might have been also involved in this horrendous act. But his name did not come up and appears he might not have been really involved.

The murder that took place some two and half years ago in Narayanganj was indeed horrifying. The style and the modus operandi appeared to be quite simple and it looked as if the perpetrators were not very secretive about it. When the news of their involvement was coming to light they appeared to be nonchalant. The culture of impunity has become so granted practice in our society that we often see people getting desperate with their wrong doings.

For every crime there is the air of arrogance in the culprits. We find no sign of remorse or regrets. Some even dare to show ‘ V’ sign at the TV cameras. We fail to comprehend what the V means for them.

However, we believe the crime rates will fall and rule of justice will be the order of the day. We want a society where there will be no animosity. There should be healthy rivalry and competition on every issue but why must we have to take away precious lives of others and make our own lives complicated.  One simple truth should we realize that, crime never pays.


The writer is a columnist, development consultant and biographer.


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