Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Hillary was the wrong choice?


Mohammad Ali Sattar

 The world at large gets involved when US presidential elections take place. Much before the actual day, there are other days of formalities of the two parties to get their presidential candidates elected through the party chain.

This year when Hillary and Bernie Sanders locked horns the American press was all too obsessed with the Hillary reckoning. It’s not too long ago that these happened. Bernie, the white haired old gentleman from Vermont, appealed to the Americans to think hard before they decide on this. He had made good mathematics as to how he will handle the American domestic issues and the world politics.

Then the opinion calculators had predicted that Bernie Sanders would be able to defeat Trump if he got the chance. They said that there was 15 percent chance that Bernie had over Trump than Clinton. Even one school of poll watchers had come up with total negative result about Hillary.

If we go by the pre poll events in America and the world, it was a massive hype that was created by the media. The wave of myth swept the land of America. It was Hillary and Hillary. The newspapers and the electronic media along with intellectual camp all, more or less, showed total bias on Hillary. Gradually all America, even the Republicans, took it for granted that Hillary would come out victorious.

However after the defeat of Bernie in the party polls, things were getting tougher. But  the pro Hillary camp did not pay heed to the  far off  calamity  looming in the  horizon ,they were so mesmerized by the dream of win that gradual invasion of the White House by the opposition did  not show in their radar.

During the run up to Election Day, state wise calculations were not predictable. It was swinging like the pendulum. Gradually the gap between the two was narrowing.

The debates that Hillary won (?) bolstered the hope of the Democrats further. The dream of White House was more prominent in Hillary’s face and in the jubilating minds of the supporters.

Hillary tried her best to dodge the controversy that threatened her run. She was caught in the web of ‘email’ storm. Her direct consent in Syria bombing and wars in the ME is known to all. She has never been a peace lover. There was always a belligerent arrogance working in her.

She was never a supporter of Palestinian cause. A hard core fan of Israel she had her agenda well drawn up.

She was forthcoming on many issues. She carried with her long trail of know-how in White house and politics. After her defeat against Obama in 2009 presidential race, she made it a point that she will come back as the President. Her ambitions were so high that she ignored the basics.

Not only personal, she had other issues regarding politics. She differed with Obama on almost every matter. Although she undertook the job of the Secretary of state under President Obama, she led her office almost independently. Her foreign office tenure was not a very good experience for the world, especially the West Asia.

To many she has been the vindictive kind of a person and took stern decisions about things that she did not like. Her personal life is also under criticism from concerned quarters.

The problem with her camp was that they took things for granted and overlooked lots of areas that needed most crucial attention. Trump played smart. He made it a point that ‘big boys play at night’.

The last minute upset is of great significance to the Americans. Moreover, Hillary also fell victim to the tradition of ‘all men’ or ‘only men’ as the US president. After all women rights and suffrage saw the light of the day not even 100 years from now.

The world richest and spending nation – still has problem with women.  America speaks of democracy – but they are not ready to accept any women right now. Especially women like Hillary.


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