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    The ugly lies in the eyes of a beholder’

The ugly lies in the eyes of a beholder’


Mohammad Ali Sattar

Facebook postings and the newspaper images of water mixed with blood of the sacrificial animals during Eid times has put Dhaka in the news for right and wrong reasons. In the global parameters Dhaka is measured frequently. No one perhaps misses Dhaka these days.
I don’t quite understand if the pictures of ‘ rivers of blood’ so enthusiastically posted online and printed in broadsheets , was to highlight the problems of the drainage system of certain areas of Dhaka or to underline the severity of animal slaughtering or to emphasize the failures of the local government to make the civic life one notch better. The city corporations must have an answer ready.
Interestingly almost hundred percent of the feedback to these pictures was obviously a huge scream against ‘cow slaughtering’, ‘inhuman acts’ , ‘grisly scene,’ ‘ gory acts,’ etc., overzealous pundits set off their wings of knowledge to suggest that these are ‘ unfair’ actions by the society.
Some said that Islamic practice of Qurbani was age old belief and this should change. While others advise to shun the practice as it is primitive. They find no reason behind the rationale of this sacrifice. They find no love or affection attached to this rite. In sum, almost all of the reactions were against the very spirit of this sacrifice.
A few years back, one of the noted senior TV actors mentioned most intellectually that he doesn’t find any logic in Eid ul Azha. He mournfully remarked during a talk show that “I still don’t understand where the feeling and affection in this sacrifice is’.
This much for our reaction at home. I know this will continue to be an interesting deliberation. For people who are not interested in religious practices are elated in painting the rites in black.
If there was water logging and the bloods got holed up with the logged water- what’s wrong with

the slaughtering of the cattle and that too during the time of Eid ul Azha and Hajj?
Instead of addressing the problems of drainages and mismanagement and corruption of the bodies concerned some in the media are up with a kind of cheap stunt business. This is NOT a good journalism. Journalism which resorts to cheap and negative publicity stunts is colored journalism. Not pure.
The divine background of this great event is known to all. Allah gifted this instance and message of sacrifice to the human race through our prophet Ibrahim who was asked to sacrifice his most favorite ‘thing’ or the ‘beloved ‘one in the name of Allah. Who else could be dearer to parents than a child? Ibrahim found that most dear to him was his son Ismail. Thus the decision to sacrifice his son in God’s way.
Ibrahim’s son Ismail (AS) also did not hesitate to offer his life in Allah’s path, as this was ordained by Allah to his father. He was rather content in being able to sacrifice his life for Allah. How Allah the merciful changed all that and put a cattle in place of Ismail when he was about to be slaughtered. That is how this great occasion had come our way. The great message of sacrifice in His path. This is how our fathers were tested. The test of faith. Today we witness with awe the sharp U turn that we took form real knowledge and historical significance of divinity. Instead of dwelling on positives we gleefully take recourse to immoral and shallow bickering. The lack of knowledge and understanding of the actual subject leads one to land up in a jumble of contradictory and false plane.All these uneducated approaches and analyses lead to impulsive and wrong decisions that eventually brings disastrous outcome for all. This brings in dark clouds over the society and paints a perverted image global horizon.
To put it simply, the media should dig into positives, must try and portray something that could help people in the society rather create a negative and fearsome scenario. And the good readers who react quickly to any issue ought to behave more responsibly. We should remember that an intellectual mind is never prone to bad thoughts.


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