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Thursday , 29 September 2016
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Publication ceremony of '"Budhha Shobvata O Budhha Kirti Deshay Deshay' held

Publication ceremony of ' The publication ceremony of  ""Budhha Shobvata O Budhha Kirti Deshay Deshay ."  written by Jyoti Bikash Barua was held at  Dhaka University on 27th September. Organized jointly by Pali and Buddhist [more]

The ugly lies in the eyes of a beholder’

The ugly lies in the eyes of a beholder’ Mohammad Ali Sattar Facebook postings and the newspaper images of water mixed with blood of the sacrificial animals during Eid times has put Dhaka in the news for right and wrong reasons. In the global [more]

Pink: Rattling the cliché

Pink: Rattling the cliché Jayasmita Ray Bollywood movies are spreading their wings much far away than before marking their territories in unprecedented domes. With the encroachment of technology and reversal ideologies the [more]

Scuffle for world domination

Scuffle for world domination Syed Nasir Ershad Buzzwords like ‘openness’ and ‘inclusiveness’ float in the air at the outset of any global meet of the big players of the world. The recently concluded G20 summit in China was [more]

Defamation is not what they deserve

Tarannum Haider Maliha Asian Football Confederation has 47 member countries among which Bangladesh is qualified as one of the best 8 teams in the AFC U-16 Women’s Championship Qualifiers 2017. The girls [more]

“Walk a long way for a longer life"

“Walk a long way for a  longer life  Tarannum Sattar At around 8.30 pm every night, I get dressed in tights and sweats, plug my earphones in and head out to the streets to do some walking as a part of exercise. Also, it serves [more]

Seeing through Extreme Mist

Seeing through Extreme Mist Durjoy Chakraborty Shouri & Ashik Kabir It has almost been two and a half months since the Holey Artisan attack. The memories of that atrocious night are still vivid in many of our observances [more]

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